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Wise Mushroom Tincture

Wise Mushroom Tincture

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Our Wise Mushroom tincture has helped thousands of people learn to microdose and optimize the health of their brains! 

Inspired by Paul Stamets’ famous Lion’s Mane + Niacin Microdosing Stack, our Wise Mushroom also includes Reishi, Chaga, and Cordyceps to create a more universal nootropic that supports neurogenesis while boosting all-around brain and nervous system health.


+  optimizing brain health
+  boosting cellular regeneration
+  protecting nervous system health
+  improving mental clarity

INGREDIENTS: organic lion’s mane, organic reishi, organic cordyceps, organic chaga, niacin (vitamin b3)

30 servings per full-size bottle
10g of dual-extracted mushrooms per dose
Made with certified organic mushroom fruiting bodies, grown outdoors on natural wood substrates


It is a formulation of functional mushrooms and niacin, carefully selected to enhance the neuroprotective and neurogenic qualities of these biological network builders.

All of our mushrooms are grown outdoors, under natural light, on organic wood substrates. We perform dual-extractions of fruiting bodies only, with both organic alcohol and water.


Our Wise Mushroom tincture is designed to work as a stand-alone formula, or complement a microdosing protocol, by supporting the health of your brain and nervous system. The formula is a synergistic blend of mushroom extracts that each benefit the central nervous system in unique ways. Combined these ingredients produce greater benefits than if you were to take each one separately.

The hero ingredient of this tincture is a potent dual-extract of lion’s mane mushrooms, fruited on log substrates outdoors. This produces an extract that is rich in Hericenone and Erinacine alkaloids, both known to support the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). Reishi brings neuroprotective benefits, Cordyceps gives energy and circulation support, while Chaga activates cellular repair. Niacin (vitamin B3) is an essential nutrient that is critical for brain function and neuronal development. Stacked with these functional mushrooms, Niacin acts like a delivery driver, distributing the benefits of Lion’s Mane and the other ingredients throughout the body.


Start with 1/2 to 1 dropper full.

It’s best to hold the liquid under your tongue for 2 minutes before swallowing. If you are new to working with herbal tinctures, it can taste quite bitter (bitterness is an indication of potency!).

If it's too difficult to hold under your tongue, you can immediately swallow the liquid, or mix a dropper full into a beverage like water or coffee.

Our Wise Mushroom is not formulated to produce an immediate effect or altered state. Most people notice the benefits of the tincture begin to appear with consistent use. This includes feeling more alert and present, experiencing more mental clarity, and sustaining more energy.

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