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Divine Masculine Power - Mushroom Tincture

Divine Masculine Power - Mushroom Tincture

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For all genders, testosterone plays a critical role in cognition, metabolism, and performance. Divine Masculine Power is formulated to be a natural alternative to synthetic TRT compounds. Power combines potent extracts of mushrooms and botanicals that naturally support healthy androgen levels, like testosterone, androstenedione, and DHEA. 


+  promoting healthy androgen levels
+  boosting energy levels and metabolism
+  improving athletic performance
+  protecting prostate health

INGREDIENTS: organic cordyceps, organic wild harvested pine pollen, wild harvested nettle root, organic beetroot, alpha gpc

30 servings per full-size bottle
10g of dual-extracted mushrooms per dose
Made with certified organic mushroom fruiting bodies, grown outdoors on natural wood substrates


Divine Masculine Power is a formulation of functional mushrooms and botanicals, carefully selected to enhance the performance-boosting qualities of these fungal powerhouses.

All of our mushrooms are grown outdoors, under natural light, on organic wood substrates. We perform dual extractions of fruiting bodies only, with both organic alcohol and water.


As we age our ability to produce testosterone and other androgens naturally begins to decline. This senescence can be greatly exaggerated by stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and environmental pollutants like xeno-estrogens that come from plastic and pharmaceutical waste (which is everywhere, unfortunately).

Synthetic solutions for increasing testosterone often create short-term benefits at the expense of long-term health, and come with serious potential side effects. Testosterone is necessary for bodily functions like cognition, muscle recovery, bone mass, fat distribution, lean muscle mass, drive, strength, stamina, and the production of red blood cells. So it is essential that we find natural ways to support healthy testosterone levels.

Divine Masculine Power is completely natural, formulated entirely with functional mushrooms, organic and wild-harvested botanicals, and compounds our body naturally produces on its own (alpha gpc). The Divine Masculine Power formula stands on these 3 pillars of natural ingredients to effectively support hormone and metabolic health.

First, is the fungal pillar. Power contains potent extracts of Cordyceps and Chaga. Both of these mushrooms are known to support athletic performance, recovery, and all-around virility.

Second, is the botanical pillar. Power contains potent extracts of wild-harvested Canadian Pine Pollen, wild harvested Nettle Root, and organic Beet Root. Pine Pollen is an extremely nutritive herb that contains phyto-androgens — plant-produced compounds that perfectly mimic human androgens. Nettles Root is also an incredibly nutritive herb that is a SHBG inhibitor — which supports greater amounts of free testosterone. Beet Root is a potent source of Nitric Oxide — NO is known to support energy and athletic performance.

Third, is the mineral pillar. Power contains pure Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is a neurotransmitter that our bodies naturally produce — when it is supplemented Alpha GPC supports the natural production of Human Growth Hormone.

The synergy of these 3 pillars of ingredients makes for a powerful formula to support healthy hormone levels.


Start with 1/2 to 1 dropper full.

It’s best to hold the liquid under your tongue for 2 minutes before swallowing. If you are new to working with herbal tinctures, it can taste quite bitter (bitterness is an indication of potency!).

If it's too difficult to hold under your tongue, you can immediately swallow the liquid, or mix a dropper full into a beverage like water or coffee.

Divine Masculine Power is not formulated to produce an immediate effect or altered state. Most people notice the benefits of the tincture begin to appear with consistent use. This includes feeling increased drive, experiencing healthier hormone levels, and having more strength and vitality.

We recommend using Divine Masculine Power in the morning when your testosterone levels are naturally the highest. We have also found the morning to be the optimal time to do cardio-focused exercises. The late afternoon / early evening is also an ideal time to take Power, especially when paired with weight-lifting exercises focused on legs or back muscle groups.

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